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Finally, a bowling book for beginners!...
"It's Here and You Could Be Reading It 30 Seconds From Now!"

Dear Bowler,

Are you having trouble improving your bowling score? Are too many gutter balls getting you down? Do you want to impress your friends at the lanes?

If I could give you bowling tips that would improve your concentration, stance, delivery, and overall score, would you be interested?

There's a brand new book that you can read on your computer or print out and read anywhere. It's called The Beginner's Guide To Bowling.

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Here is just a sample of what you'll find inside:

  • Characteristics of a good bowler (page 36)

  • Step by step instructions for a good delivery (page 37)

  • Lane conditions and how they impact your score (page 52)

  • Getting into the zone before you bowl (page 21)

  • Tips for improving your inner game (page 23)

  • The types of pitch (the angles you will hold your ball) (page 12)

  • The formula for obtaining your highest possible score (page 55)

The contents of this awesome book don't end there. It goes into great detail about how to properly execute a game-winning delivery. Here's how The Beginner's Guide to Bowling can send you on your way to a 300 game:

  • The best combination for developing a good release (page 33)

  • How to use self-talk to improve your game (page 24)

  • The three basic grips for holding your ball (page 26)

  • How to throw consistent strikes (page 51)

  • How to add spin to your release (page 35)

  • Finding your point of origin for starting each throw (page 27)

  • Why timing is critical in your release (page 34)

  • How lane "sights" help you in the approach (page 31)

  • Important questions to ask yourself when analyzing your delivery (page 41)

  • Tips for picking up different kinds of splits (page 47)

  • Creating a hook ball (page 42)

  • Why spares are almost as important as strikes (page 44)

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