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From: Howard L Moreland
Wednesday, 10:12 a.m.

Listen up,

Did you know that if you're paying for your advertising you're unnecessarily throwing away your profits? It's a fact. And I should know because for most of 21 years I did the same exact thing -- at least until I uncovered the best kept secret to advertising most effectively & for FREE!

I know you may not want to believe me when I say this, but I'll bet you're throwing YOUR MONEY away right now just like I did (and when you don't even have to!)

Does any of the following sound familiar...?

1. You can't get more than a trickle of people to buy from the advertising you place... You've placed countless ads, only to see little or NO RESULTS few ever seem to buy like they're supposed to... and you have no idea why!

2. You get hardly any response to your "well thought-out" ads... You place endless promotions that you think are pretty good but you never see more than a handful of sales or leads... Frequently, they don't even RESPOND to your messages!

3. Yet you spend really good money over and over again on things that clearly don't work... As far as you can tell, the only ones benefiting from your advertising are the publications or ad sources where you place your ads. You think to yourself how unfair this is, that ONLY the places you advertise with are the only ones to gain from your advertising...

4. You know you have a great product, offer, or service, but people just don't seem to be responding like they should... And you're getting frustrated because people who ASKED for more information or who called you seemed only to have wasted your time which just ran up even more unnecessary expense! What's their problem, anyway?

5. Your management chores are "out of control" and your efforts are consuming all your time with little or no reward to you... You know you need to generate more leads and sales to make your offer worthwhile, but everything you end up doing produces hardly any reasonable return you're often unsure you'll even be able to continue supporting yourself, and your family!

6. You want to make it BIG, but you're beginning to wonder if it's even in the cards for you now... You're confused about what's going to happen next scared you may have to settle for some "job" where you'll be overworked and underpaid, and eventually considered a failure by everyone you know. (Plus, you'll be working a job that someone much younger than you is better trained for, and you'll feel like you can't keep up no matter how hard you try!) After all, once you've failed in business, you can't seem to shake the reputation as a failure, can you? So then what?

7. You're afraid that if you don't think of something fast, that you'll have to close shop and never know if you may have been hugely successful if you had just stayed in a little longer... Sure, you know you're missing out on massive income and profits, but where should you even begin? You can't keep operating at a loss, but to close down means sure defeat. So what should you do...?


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